Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review

  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Durability - 9.1/10
  • Comfort - 9.2/10
  • Support - 8.9/10
  • Material - 9.1/10


This contoured memory foam pillow comes with a gel coating in the top layer, which will make you stay cool throughout the night. It comes with washable cover. The pillow is also hypoallergenic.


Looking for the best memory pillow is not an easy task, especially considering the fact that there is an abundance of options. Many manufacturers will claim that they have the best product, but this should not be a reason for you to easily fall into their traps. You should be a responsible buyer, and hence, you should look at several factors that will allow you to determine how one product is better than the other.

Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow is one option you might want to consider. In many best memory foam pillow reviews, this is one product that is often praised. In the rest of this post, we will take a look at some of its notable features, as well as its pros and cons. This review will make it easy for you to narrow down the possibilities and come up with a well-informed decision.

Therapeutic Support

Among others, one of the most notable features of this pillow is the contoured design, which is a product of extensive research. It is shaped in such a way that it can offer optimal support for the neck and the head. This will make you wake up to great mornings, knowing that you will not suffer from having stiff neck.

Cool Gel Foam

This is the one that you can find at the top of the pillow. Most of the memory foam pillows can get hot at the middle of the night, especially during the summer months. The good thing about this pillow is that there is a gel on the top layer, making you feel cooler all throughout your sleep. This will minimize disruptions. This also means that you will not wake up sweating.

Terry Velour Cover

It is also a good thing that the pillow is already inclusive of a cover. The material that is used in the cover is also impressive, not only because it is durable, but also because it is comfortable. It is unlike others that are rough and can cause an irritation on the skin. It is also washable, which makes it easy to clean.


  • Affordable Price: One thing that you will love about this product is how it comes with an affordable price. It is cheap, but such is not the same when it comes to quality. This product is a proof that a good product does not always have to cost a fortune.
  • Stays Cool: As mentioned earlier, memory foam has a tendency to be hot, especially when it is highly-dense. The good thing about this pillow is that it comes with a unique layer on the top, which is the one responsible for maintaining cool temperature throughout your sleep.
  • Hypoallergenic: If you are worried that this pillow can cause allergies, the good thing is that it can resist common allergens, as well as dust mites. This means that you will not end up sneezing or suffering from colds, among other symptoms of an allergy.
  • Feels Soft: The plushness of the pillow is another good thing. This will make it comfortable. However, there are also some who did not like that it is soft as this can be a reason for the pillow to go flat easily.
  • Provides Pain Relief: If you have been suffering from neck pain every morning when you wake up, you might want to consider the use of this pillow. As reported by many of its users, their complaints about pain significantly lessened with its use.


  • Emits an Unusual Odor: When you take this pillow out from the packaging, expect that there will be a chemical-like smell. This can be annoying, especially if you quite have a sensitive sense of smell. As noted by some users, however, there is no need to worry as this will be gone within a few days.
  • Has a Tendency to Flatten Easily: There are also some reports from users that this pillow does not stay firm for a long time. Nonetheless, given its price, this should not be too much of an issue. It is affordable, which is why this is not a big problem.


In sum, Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow is an excellent option if you are looking for a product that has decent quality, yet price is affordable. It has a contoured shape that is optimized to deliver the highest level of comfort. There are some, however, who noted that it is too soft, which can also be the reason why it will go flat quickly.