Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Hedge Trimmer Review

  • Affordability - 7/10
  • Power - 8/10
  • Comfort - 8/10
  • Blade - 9/10
  • Durability - 8/10


This gas-powered hedge trimmer is sure to leave a positive impression because of its powerful 21cc motor and 30-inch reciprocating blade. It also has a handle that can be adjusted in five different positions and an anti-vibration system.

Looking for the best hedge trimmer will never be an easy feat. Go online, start searching, and for sure, you will end up being overwhelmed with the abundance of the search results that you will see. The list will be almost endless. For some buyers, they would decide on the basis on what is the cheapest option. This, however, is one thing that should never be done. Always take time to have a thorough evaluation of the alternatives to differentiate one from the other.

If there is one model that we can recommend, it would be Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Hedge Trimmer. It is a high-end model, and hence, its price is expensive. Will it be worth it? Keep on reading to know more and see if the cost will be justified by its functionality.

21cc 2-Cycle Engine

This is one of the most powerful hedge trimmers that you can find on the market. One of the reasons for this is the engine, which is powered by gas. It is going to effortlessly tackle any trimming or cutting task, even if you have to be working with thick branches. There is no wonder why this is one of the most popular choices amongst professionals. Regardless of how demanding the job is, it will be a lot easier with the use of this unit.
Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Hedge Trimmer Review

5-Position Rear Handle

This is one feature that you will not see in the models from the lower end of the market. Even discerning professionals will surely be impressed with the ergonomic and versatile design of the handle, allowing it to provide the highest level of comfort. This means that you can change the angle based on what the work requires. It will also make it a lot easier to work on corners since you can have the handle customized in five different positions.

30-inch Commercial Grade Blade

From the hedge trimmers that we have seen, this is one with the longest blade, which makes it able to tackle a wide array of applications. The blade is constructed with the use of premium materials, guaranteeing its ability to last long. More so, it is also rigid enough to withstand even thick branches.
Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Hedge Trimmer Review


  • Forward Facing Exhaust: This is one of its best features and resolves one of the most common problems with gas-powered hedge trimmers. This means that the fumes will be directed away from you and this will also prevent the hedges from being burned.
  • Operates Quietly: One of the most common complaints about gas-powered trimmers is that they are noisy. With this model, on the other hand, this is quiet compared to other models powered by gas. This means that its use will not be disruptive and annoying.
  • Anti-Vibration System: Many may not like the fact that this unit is heavy. However, it is a good thing that it comes with a vibration dampening system. This is effective in terms of lessening the vibration that is produced, making it vital in terms of comfort.
  • Powerful Motor: This is something that is unquestionable. Its motor is one of the most powerful we have found. This is why even professionals will surely love it as it can easily complete even heavy duty tasks.
  • Durable: Expect that this is going to be functional even after many years of use since it is made from premium materials that are not easily prone to wear and tear. However, you have to make sure that you execute regular cleaning and maintenance.


  • Not Eco-Friendly: It is undeniable that many people are now being conscious about the impacts of their actions to the environment, If you are one of those, you might be wary about choosing this product. This is basically because it is powered by gas. Its fuel consumption would also mean that it can create fumes, which is definitely not good for the environment.
  • A Bit Complicated: If you are someone who has not used a hedge trimmer in the past, you might have a problem in using this model. A lot of its users have noted that it is complicated and beginners might find it quite hard to operate this hedge trimmer.


Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Hedge Trimmer is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a product that packs a lot of power. Many may instantly shun the idea of choosing this because of its expensive price. If you look beyond cost, however, you will realize that this can be an impressive choice. It comes with a powerful motor, durable blade, and ergonomic design. It is, however, not a good choice for beginners as its use can be a bit complicated. Also, since it is gas-powered, it is going to produce noise.