Tendol Scuba Diving Mask/Diving Mask Purge Valve/ Silicone Skirt/Metal Frame Review

  • Deign - 8.5/10
  • Durability - 9/10
  • Comfort - 9/10
  • Quality - 9/10
  • Overall - 8.9/10


Overall, a solid design, meshed with superior comfort create an all- around great mask for scuba.

Scuba diving is not a just an adventure sport practiced professionals, but it is also a famous recreational activity that is pursued by many people all over the world. Since the activity is enjoyed by both professionals and novices, it is important to ensure that everyone who gets involved is safe and comfortable during the act. If you are enthusiastic about going scuba diving, the best way to ensure your safety is to put your faith in your scuba mask.

As you may already know breathing underwater for a long period of time is impossible without the aid of a proper oxygen mask. If you want your scuba diving not to end tragically, then it is best to find yourself the right scuba gear. Tendol is a recognized company that is known for producing high-quality scuba diving gear. Among many products, it is popularly known for its range of innovative scuba masks. To make your scuba diving experience a satisfying one, you need to invest your money on the Tendol Scuba diving mask. Here is some information about the product that you need know to prior to the purchase.

High Quality Silicon Skirt

The silicon used to manufacture this mask is known to be highly pure. This makes this mask an extremely high-quality product when compared to the alternatives in the market. This pureness makes the fabric soft and smooth. The Tendol scuba diving mask is known to be one of the softest products in the field. The main reason for this extreme softness is to enhance user comfort. Since the silicon skirt is extremely soft, the user will not feel any sort of discomfort. This enables you to wear the mask for a long period of time underwater. Moreover, the softness of the silicon skirt is also known to enhance the life span of the mask to a greater extent.
Tendol Scuba Diving Mask/Diving Mask Purge Valve/ Silicone Skirt/Metal Frame review

Metal Frame

The hard metal frame and the single tempered glass lens enable the user to have an extremely wide range of vision. Through this improved vision range, you will be able to view your underwater surroundings more clearly and comfortably. The lens of the mask are created to withstand a relatively high pressure amount. This enables you to get a better view of the deeper parts of the ocean. Moreover, if you wear glasses, do know that the lens will not be affected by your glasses. Thus, you will have a clear vision regardless of whether you are wearing glasses or not. Apart from enhancing the vision range, the frame and lens improve the overall durability and versatility of the mask too.

Nose Purge Valve

This innovative nose purge valve comes in handy when you have to explore the underwater wonders for a long period of time. The nose purge enables the diver to eliminate any water leakage. If the sea water leaks into your diving mask, you will be able to get rid of it through this valve. This will enable you to breathe normally.

Replaceable Straps

The straps in this mask are both adjustable and replaceable. You can adjust the strap according to your convenience to ensure that the mask fits you perfectly. It is important to make sure that the mask fits you properly to avoid the possibility of a leakage. Moreover, since these straps are replaceable, you do not have to purchase a new mask every tips the strap snaps.
Tendol Scuba Diving Mask/Diving Mask Purge Valve/ Silicone Skirt/Metal Frame


  • Extreme comfort – One of the biggest advantages of the Tendol Scuba Diving mask is the fact that it is extremely comfortable for the user. It enables the diver to have a safe and comfortable scuba diving experience without being preoccupied with his or her safety. The soft silicon skirt and the wide frame range enable you to have a highly comforting underwater adventure.
  • Ability to wear glasses – This mask is specifically designed to enable individuals who wear glasses to participate in scuba diving. If your vision problems have previously prevented you from enjoying this activity, do know that it is possible for you to scuba dive too. You can have an amazing underwater experience with your glasses on!


  • Possibility of leakage – Although the product boasts of high durability, the inclusion of the nose purge valve suggests that this mask is vulnerable to a leakage too. Although the problem can be solved through the use of the purge valve, the fact that the diver has to go through the leakage has created a notion that the mask does not fit perfectly.


The main pillars of support of the Tendol scuba diving mask are its wide lens and high comfort levels. This product had received highly favorable reviews in many e-commerce platforms. The mask has received 4.7 star rating in a highly recognized site. More than 80% of the consumers have rated this product as highly satisfactory. Furthermore, the customer-oriented approach of the mask has been heavily praised by consumers who wear glasses.


All in all, the Tendol scuba diving mask is known to provide divers with a highly satisfying underwater experience. With the assistance of this mask, you will be able to explore the rare species and plants under the ocean with a clear, panoramic view. The mask not only provides you high levels of comfort for a long length of time, but it also protects your eyes from water-borne diseases. Thus, whether you are a novice or a professional, this creation of Tendol will definitely make your scuba diving experience an unforgettable one.