Top 10 Best Elliptical Machine Reviews in 2017

A lot of individuals are now giving great importance to their own health. Good health gives a lot of benefits to the individuals, such as the ability to perform their tasks properly and conveniently. To be able to achieve good health, these people watch what they eat. They typically consume balanced meals which are filled with the vitamins, the minerals, and the nutrition that they need every single day. These meals include meat, vegetables, and fruits. In addition, these people also perform regular workouts. They may be doing simple exercises such as jogging early in the mornings or evenings. They could also be playing their favorite sports at certain times. Even doing house chores will allow them to exercise their bodies. However, most of these enthusiasts are using several equipment to assist them with their workouts. An elliptical machine is one of the equipment that people are using for their workouts. The best elliptical machines are those that are offering total body workout for the users. If you are one of those people who are also interested in buying an elliptical machine for your own home, then, you should be doing your research with regards to the make and models that are already available in the market nowadays. In this manner, you will be able to choose one that suits your needs. The following are the top ten machines that you may be interested in.

01. ProForm 1110 E
ProForm 1110 E 

Pros: Made from Commercial-Gauge Solid Steel, Durability, Can Support Heavier Weights

Cons: Stinky Smell, IFIT Subscription is Necessary

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

The manufacturer of this elliptical machine uses commercial-gauge solid steel in order to create and assemble the product. Since this is the case, you can assure yourself that it is sturdy and that it will last for a really long time. The stride is also power adjustable. It also features a 20 degree quick incline. You can easily hold on to the soft touch upper body grips. With this, your sweaty palms from exercising will not be slipping from the handles. Surely, exercising can make you feel thirsty. With this machine, there is a water bottle holder that allows you to have a bottle of water ready at any time. It also features Integrated Quick Touch Controls so you can easily navigate through the menu and options. There are 32 workout apps that are already preset in the system so you will just be able to choose one workout app that you are most comfortable with. If you want to listen to music, it is possible with the iPod compatible audio as well as an integrated iPad holder. This machine can accommodate a person weighing 375 pounds and below.

02. ProForm ZE 6
ProForm ZE 6 

Pros: Durability, Weight Capacity, Silent Operation

Cons: Non-Adjustable Pedal or Stride, Big Size, Heavy

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

You should also be taking this model into consideration. It can support and accommodate the weight of any person up to 300 pounds. An LCD display with a large window is also attached at the top where you can see any information that is related to the workout that you are performing. This model is manufactured from commercial-grade solid steel so the durability of the product is ensured by the manufacturer. The upper body grips are also soft to the touch. A water bottle allows you to store a bottle that is filled with water or juice that you might want to drink in replenishing the body fluids lost from working out. The pedals are also oversized for your comfort. You could be choosing from 18 preset workout apps. If you love listening to music while working out, you can take advantage of the iPod compatible audio that comes with a two 2-inch speakers. Silent Magnetic Resistance or SMR is also featured in this model.

03. Horizon Fitness EX-59-02
Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 

Pros: 10 Resistance Levels, Detailed Information on Display, 10 Preset Workout Programs, Easy to Use

Cons: Weight Capacity, Stride Length Cannot be Adjusted

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

You should also be considering this model. It features an ECB resistance brake system with 10 resistance levels. A smooth ride as well as a low step-on height, allowing convenience on the part of the user, is also provided by this model. The LCD display measures 5 inches so you can easily see the menus and options, such as the speed, distance, time, heart rate, calories, and program level. For the program level, it offers 10 options which include Weight Loss, Interval, Reverse Train, Random, and other programs. If you like entertainment while exercising, this is a good product since it is compatible with MP3 and has built-in Sonic Surround speakers, allowing you to listen to music while you perform your workouts. The stride length is 18 inches. An individual who weighs 275 pounds or less can be supported by this elliptical trainer. You can also take advantage of a lifetime warranty for the frame of the machine.

04. Stamina In-Motion
Stamina In-Motion 

Pros: Compact and Lightweight, Cost, Easy to Assemble, Silent Operation

Cons: No Variety of Movements, Lack of Handle Bars

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

This model of elliptical trainer is the product that is surely good for both your home or your office. Since It is a very compact and lightweight item, it offers portability and convenience on your part as a user as you can use it almost anywhere. You do not have to worry about storage space as its foot-pedal-only chassis allows it to easily fit under your desk, bed, or inside your closet. It is also known for its low impact design. Such low impact design offers protection to your ankles, knees, hips, and back. An electronic monitor is also present. The calories, strides, and exercise time are all tracked by the electronic monitor. With this, you will be conscious as the the numbers that you are getting from your workouts while using this specific product. This is made from steel so it is sturdy and durable. In addition, it also has non-slip pedals for your safety. Once you receive the package, all the parts need to be assembled properly.

05. Body Champ BRM3671
Body Champ BRM3671 

Pros: Convenience and Comfort, Durability, Versatility, Reasonable Size

Cons: Length of the Stride, Wobbly

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

This machine is a cardio dual trainer that has been designed to serve two functions. It can function either as an elliptical trainer or as an exercise bike so you can choose either one of them at any time. A deluxe LCD programmable console is attached to the front of the machine. Almost over 10 preset workout programs are featured in this console which typically drives the heart rate of any individual who will be using such machine. It also allows you to adjust the seat vertically or horizontally so that you can the machine comfortably. The total length of the stride is 14 inches. In order to utilize the machine as well as know how to switch from one design to another, you should always be referring to the manual which will be coming along with the product in the package. A one year warranty for the frame and 90 day warranty for the parts are provided by the manufacturer of the product, as well.

06. Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer
Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer 

Pros: Low-Impact, Cost, Does Not Take Up Space, Silent Operation, Sturdy Item

Cons: Lower Weight Capacity, Difficulties in Assembly, Short Stride Length

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

A micro-tension controller with smooth magnetic resistance is featured in this model of elliptical machine. With the presence of large anti-slip platforms, you can be sure that your feet will be perfectly inside them. You can also assure yourself that your feet will not be slipping away from the unit. A hand pulse monitoring system is also features in this item. This system allows the user to have his or her heartbeat controlled. The workout computer allows you to measure total distance, the calories, the pulse, the time, and the speed, among others whenever you will be working out through the use of this unit. With the workout computer, you will be able take note of your statistics and use such information for analyzing your workout data. This model of elliptical machine can support any person who weighs around 220 pounds and below. You will surely find this model beneficial to you.

07. Exerpeutic 1000XI
Exerpeutic 1000XI 

Pros: Smooth and Silent Operation, Higher Weight Capacity, Safety

Cons: Short Stride Length

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

It has been designed to have natural elliptical motion. With this natural elliptical motion, any bouncy movement that you might experience with other elliptical machines will be eliminated. The tension resistance in this machine is composed of eight levels. With this, you can make your workouts more challenging just by adjusting the resistance level. There is also an LCD display where you can find and measure certain data such as speed, time, calories burned, distance, and heart rate. The LCD display has a large window that enables you to read the data easily and clearly. Monitoring your hear rate can also be possible through the presence of the pulse pads on the handle bars. It also runs quietly and smoothly because there is a precise balance between the flywheel and the V-belt. You will surely not disturb another family member who is watching TV or listening to the radio within the same area.

08. ProForm 1310 E
ProForm 1310 E 

Pros: Weight Capacity, Commercial-Grade Steel Construction, Safety

Cons: Noisy Equipment

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

This is another model of elliptical machine coming from ProForm. It has a touch display that measures 7 inches and is fully colored. You will surely be able to check out the screen clearly. There is also an Integrated Tablet Holder where you can place your tablet or even your iPad. If you would like to listen to music from your iPod, then, the iPod compatible audio feature of this machine will be making it possible for you. You can also choose from 32 different workout apps. If your weight is 375 pounds or less, then, such weight can be supported by this model. Aside from that, since this model is constructed from commercial-grade steel, durability is something that you can expect from this specific product. Its digital quick incline is set at 20 degrees. The pedals attached to the frame are cushioned as well as adjustable so it can be used by any individual regardless of physical height. If you want to replenish the liquids lost from your body due to sweating from exercise, you can put your bottle full of water or any liquid on the water bottle holder.

09. ProForm Smart Strider 935
ProForm Smart Strider 935 

Pros: Weight Capacity, Commercial-grade Steel Construction

Cons: Problems with the Incline, Takes A Lot of Space

Overall Rating: 8.0/10

You can easily assemble this machine. The display measures 7 inches and can be controlled with the touch. There is also the iPod compatible audio feature which enables you to listen to the favorite songs that you have saved on your own iPod. 30 workout apps are also featured in this machine so you will surely have many options to choose from. Just like other ProForm products, soft touch upper body grips are also incorporated in this machine. The oversized pedals are adjustable, too, so you can set it to something that you are most comfortable using. It is also made from commercial-grade steel so there is an assurance on your part that the item is sturdy and durable. You will surely be able to use such item for a long time, provided that you use it properly. A water bottle holder is also added to the unit where you can place any bottle of liquid that you might consume to replenish that your body has lost due to the workouts that you have been doing. This machine supports 350 pounds and below.

10. Body Rider BRD2000
Body Rider BRD2000 

Pros: Vertical and Horizontal Seat Adjustments, Design Suitable for Short People, Sturdy, Cost

Cons: Lower Weight Capacity, Short Product Life, Wrong Information on Display

Overall Rating: 7.8/10

Steel is being utilized by the manufacturer in order to have this model of elliptical machine created. This is also one of those models that have two functional designs, one as an elliptical trainer and the other one as an exercise bike. Just by turning the knob, you can have the tension adjusted to your liking. With this, minimal impact will be experienced by your joints. There is also an electronic console where you can keep track of burned calories, speed, time, and distance. Vertical and horizontal adjustments can also be made to the seat so that it can be used by any individual no matter what body type he or she has or how short or tall he or she may be. Aside from that, high momentum fan blades are also incorporated into the design of this machine. With this additional feature, you will be refreshed by the gentle breeze coming from the rotating blades while you are performing your exercise on this unit.


These are the top ten best elliptical machines that are being made available by different manufacturers to the public nowadays. The different models all have different sets of features that they can offer to any person interested in buying such machine, such as you. These features will definitely be offering you convenience as well as comfort whenever you will be using a particular model of elliptical machine. In addition to knowing these features, you should also make sure, though, that you have read and understood the different advantages and the disadvantages of using every model that has been mentioned. You need to remember that each elliptical machine has its own sets of pros and cons. This way, you can also find the right equipment that will be suitable for your exercising needs. Aside from that, you may also need to ensure that you will be allocating enough space for the machine that you will be setting up.