Top 10 Best Gardening Gloves Reviews in 2017

If you are into gardening, you know that you are going to have to make sure that you protect your hands. The activity is very therapeutic. But it does come with some ills as well. For instance, you may have to deal with rough soil and plants that may have thorns in them. These gloves are important in making sure that you have the necessary protection to keep your hands smooth despite the length of time that you spend doing the activity.

Best Gardening Gloves Reviews

There are a lot of people that tend to find a lot of excuses on not wanting to wear a pair. Some often say that wearing one limits the things that they can do. Some say they trend to lose their grip. Some also think that the weight and the thickness of the gloves prevent them from properly pulling weed out or that their hands end up getting too sweaty. But there are a lot of benefits that the right gloves can provide. It ensures that you will be able to protect your hands from calluses and keep them smooth. They are the perfect protection to ensure that you will not hurt yourself especially when handling sharp tools. You just have to find the best gardening gloves.

Top 10 Best Gardening Gloves on the Market

01. G&F Women’s Garden Gloves
GF Women’s Garden Gloves 

Pros: Snug fit, Great deal, Flexibility

Cons: Size is too small

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Gardeners that love to shop for a new pair of gloves that is recommended for daily use, here is the most valuable pack that you will ever get – the G & F garden gloves for women. All the gloves designed for this brand are medium sized. Its material is made of 100% nylon shells that comes with nitrile coating for the purpose of dexterity, which is why this pair of gloves is considered very durable. It also comes with a very light designs that fits the form, which does not really weigh down to those who wear them on or even lower its productivity. Those who use this pair of gloves will never be disappointed, because they will be able to work in their garden or even do their landscaping jobs that are quite heavy on the side. They don’t even need to worry about any injuries or irritation using it.

02. HOMWE Gardening Gloves for Women and Men
HOMWE Gardening Gloves for Women and Men 

Pros: Prevents sweaty hands, Keeps the dirt away, Superior grip performance, Water resistant

Cons: Small size and short length

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

There are a lot of things that you can expect from this pair of gloves. It offers a breathable back. It is made from breathable nylon that ensures superior comfort. This means that you can now get rid of sweaty hands when you work. Expect an excellent grip. What you are getting is a grip that is textured and has micro finish. This ensures that you will have a better grip and superior performance. The cuff is from fitting. The knitted cuff is very efficient towards keeping out the debris and the dirt. This ensures that the snug fit is successfully maximized. This is a pair that is coated with nitrile latex which ensures that there is good dexterity. The hands are also better protected against scratches and from water exposure as well. This is a pair of gloves that is one size fits most. This is often easy to fit the hands of the average woman wearer. They come in three pairs per pack.

03. Simple & Timeless Leather Gardening Gloves for Women and Men
Simple & Timeless Leather Gardening Gloves 

Pros: Dependable and Durable, lighter in Weight, flexible and Comfortable

Cons: May be Sized a Tad Bit too Small, Materials May not be that Durable

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

This pair of gloves makes use of high density leather material. It is a very durable pair of gloves used for gardening that comes with a flexible and light design fitted for both men and women. They come in medium size, have a construction that are both durable and resistant against water, plus it also offers maximum protection when you plant or dig. It is claimed as offering superior protection against callous, thorns and splinters. Even if you spend more on the traditional gloves made of fabric, you will still get that dependable and durable accessory on your hands that works very well even in the most challenging cases. When it comes to professional gardeners, the synthetic leather that is utilized in producing this pair of gloves has an elastic fabric and a light weight for that added comfort. It is able to flex well in order to lessen the finger and hand fatigue and even comes with the Velcro strap for that custom fit on your hands.

04. HMagid TE195T-M Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves
HMagid TE195T-M Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves 

Pros: Long length prevents cuts and scratches, Comfortable fit, Nice and Thick Protection

Cons: Sizing is a bit short, Could use more durability

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

To glove users, being able to get a pair that offers maximum dexterity is always a very important. This is the reason why there are a lot of garden workers that dislike wearing a pair in the first place. Wearing something over their hands often means that they will end up having to deal with limited movements and lessened dexterity. This is not the case with this offering by Magid. The pair is actually puncture resistant, thanks to the palms that are padded with synthetic leather and its reinforced fingertips. This is a perfect choice for professional rose gardeners thanks to their durability, strength and overall comfort. You will be protected from scratches and cuts on your forearms due to the gloves’ gauntlet that reaches to the elbows. Handling thorny plants is easier too due to the knuckle guards. In addition, maximum comfort is ensured thanks to the form-fitting spandex material used.

05. Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Work and Gardening Gloves
Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Work 

Pros: Abrasion and puncture-resistant, Comfortable and Durable, Barehanded Sensitivity, Soft and Breathable

Cons: Durability Issues, not meant for heavy-duty garden work

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

This pair of protective gloves is considered the best for both men and women. The glove itself is made from an advanced method of bamboo-infused model which are perfect for gardening and working. The gloves are very durable and comes at a medium size. It provides excellent hand protection without even losing the quality comfort. They are very form fitting as well and comes in flexible designs that fit onto your hands like they are the second skin. It has breathable and soft bamboo that absorbed the sweat well and also keeping the hand comfortable and cool when they are in use. If you are the environment conscious type, you don’t need to wear leather just to protect your hands from any injury. This bamboo fabric that is utilized in manufacturing this glove is of natural material. It is capable of killing bacteria that causes odor, not to mention it is also hypoallergenic.

06. Garden Guru Gardening Gloves
Garden Guru Gardening Gloves 

Pros: Avoid broken fingernails and splinters, Long cuff sleeves, Offers maximum dexterity

Cons: Not waterproof, Top of the hands are not protected

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

When people decide to buy gardening gloves, they want to see to it that they are getting ones that will not only protect their hands as they work outdoors, they want that they get a pair that allows them to easily do the work that they want done dexterity and comfort are crucial elements. This offering by Garden guru offers barehanded sensitivity. This makes the pair perfect for transplanting or weeding. These gloves that are mainly designed for women users will find that they are going to be comfortable and light. These gloves are made from protective nitrile as well. This makes them wickedly effective towards keeping the user’s fingernails beautiful despite working with thorny bushes, prickly shrubs, and roses. It offers a snug fit too, thanks to its knitted wrist bands. They are perfect for doing work that requires the wearer to deal with sharp objects. This can be machine washed and then dried when they are soiled.

07. Leather Gardening Gloves by Fir Tree
Leather Gardening Gloves by Fir Tree 

Pros: Ultimate Protection, Cover the arms to the elbows, Breathable and washable, Puncture resistant

Cons: The finger areas may be a little short

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

This is the perfect gloves for people who loves planting and caring for roses and do not want to have to continually deal with the thorns. This is a pair that is made of leather from genuine goatskin. This offers the user that ultimate protection from pickers and sharp thorns. This it does without sacrificing its overall dexterity. It offers durable sleeves that are made from cowhide that ensures coverage up to the elbow. Compared to synthetic gloves, these are very breathable ones due to the fact that it is made from genuine leather. Expect the gloves to be very sturdy, but they are quite soft to the touch. You do not have to worry about getting them soiled too due to the fact that they are washable. These are gloves that are puncture-resistant. This makes them perfect not only for rose gardening but for pruning berries, handling cactuses, picking citruses, handling prickly bushes, as well as protect yourself from plants like poison ivy.

08. AmazingStuffForYou! Garden Gloves
AmazingStuffForYou Gardening Gloves 

Pros: Superior Grip, Hand Breathability, Easy to Clean, One Size Fits Most

Cons: Good for light gardening, Does a Poor Job at Keeping Hands Clean

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

Some gardeners find it almost impossible for them to finish their gardening problems because they are tired of getting those irritation and injuries as they grapple on a daily basis. Thanks to this pair of gloves, such worries are now gone. Among the list of wants for gardening gloves, the AmazingStuffForYou! ranks high in the list. Even if this pair of gloves are priced at a cheap level, this particular package comes with 2 medium sized gloves for gardening. It fits comfortably as you wear it on your hands. All the seams that come with this pair of gloves are non-irritant and are all flat. Its premium fabric used in creating this piece is even very comfortable, while the design on the palms and fingers give a boost in traction and also stability. You do not have to worry about the tools injuring you or slipping from your hands either.

09. G & F 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves
G & F 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves 

Pros: Protects your manicure and helps avoid calluses, very efficient for grabbing stuff, they are cute

Cons: Not meant for heavy-duty gardening work, can be too small for some wearers

Overall Rating: 8.2/10

The soft jersey gloves made by G & F, is another amazing product by the very same brand as the first, is available in three colors – green, pink and blue. These are the perfect gloves that are manufactured solely for gardening. It is made from 100% pure cotton. Its material is even comfortable to wear as it touches the skin. It has a supportive and plush design, even has that flowery print that is perfect for women. It feels light as you wear it and even has a design that does not wear down its users when they are doing heavy work with gardening. Whether you are looking for a pair of gloves that you are going to use for planting your very own flowers and vegetable garden or performing professional landscaping work, this is one pack that will never fail to impress its users. These pair of gloves are machine and hand-washable that never loses its functionality nor its shape.

10. HandMaster Bella Women's Comfort Flex Coated Garden Glove
HandMaster Bella Women's Comfort Flex Coated Garden Glove 

Pros: Naturally stylish and comfortable, From-fitting, Keeps Dirt Effectively

Cons: Some Parts May Not be Waterproof, Size May be Too Small, May be Right for Light Gardening Only

Overall Rating: 8.0/10

This pair of gloves is available in both medium and small sizes and is considered to be very durable as it comes with an innovative flex technology of comfort that, as the name suggests, provides the most comfortable form fitting with your hands when you use them. These gloves are water resistant as well. The material made to manufacture this pair of gloves are breathable and flexible nylon backs in which it keeps the hands comfortable and cool. When you handle tools that are quite rough to the hands of when you engage in gardening jobs that are quite heavy, you don’t need to worry about callousing or bruising your hands. You will also feel that textured grip in which it works well in both wet and dry conditions. The design even provides a higher level of dexterity and its wrists that are knitted keeps the dirt and debris out of your hands when you do your gardening or heady duty jobs.


If you are hoping to get the right tools that you can use when you are gardening and working outside, you have to be sure that you are getting the ones that will truly make your job a lot easier for you to perform. With gardening gloves offering you the necessary protection that you need, then ensure that you are indeed getting no less than the best gardening gloves. With so many choices that are present for you, use this opportunity to get an idea of the reviews that these products are getting, get a number of feedback about how good or not they are so you are confident that you are able to settle for the best possible pair that the market can offer. This is an important decision and is an important investment too. It makes sense that you take the time to find out if the pair you get is really worth the money you spend. Make the right choice and you know that your gardening experience is going to be easy and comfortable moving forward.