Whynter ARC-10WB Portable Air Conditioner Review

  • Affordability - 10/10
  • Design - 8.5/10
  • Durability - 8.4/10
  • Performance - 9/10
  • Coverage - 8.5/10


With 10,000 BTU, this portable air conditioner can cool rooms that are up to 300 square feet. It comes with three operating modes – cooling, dehumidifying, and fan.


Do you find it hard to stand the heat during the summer months? Why would you be burdened when there is something that you can do about it? The best solution is to invest in a portable air conditioner. The latter is not only cheap, but also space-efficient. Their cooling efficiency, however, will depend on the specific product that will be chosen. To make a decision that you will not regret, it is important to consult with the best portable air conditioner reviews and learn from the experiences of other users.

As you search for the best portable air conditioner, you will be overwhelmed with the abundance of the options. Among others, Whynter ARC-10WB Portable Air Conditioner should be on your list. In the rest of this post, we will have a rundown of some of its notable features, as well as a few of its pros and cons.

10,000 BTU

This may not be the most powerful within the product category, but if you have a small room, this is more than what you will need. Based on the specifications from the manufacturer, this can be good for spaces that are up to 300 square feet.

Self-Evaporative System

With this feature, the unit will be able to create cool air in the room but in the absence of condensation. The moisture that will be trapped during the process of cooling will be recycled. This is one of the reasons why you can use the unit continuously.

Three Operational Modes

Another good reason to choose this model is the fact that it is versatile. There are several functions that can be enjoyed in one appliance. Aside from cooling, you can also use it as a dehumidifier and a fan, making it an investment that is worth the money.

Washable Filter

Another feature that makes it stand out above its competitors is the use of washable antibacterial silver ion filter. This will help to trap impurities in the air before it reaches you. It absorbs not only dust, but even pet hair. It is also a good thing that the filter can just be rinsed with water instead of having an expensive replacement.


  • Affordable Price: For those who are looking for an entry-level model, this will make an excellent choice. Its economical price is one of the reasons for its popularity. This only proves that you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy a product that delivers superior quality and functionality.
  • Easy to Transport: You will also love the casters that are designed in this unit. With this, it will be effortless to use it in different rooms. There is no need to exert too much effort in having it lifted.
  • Simple Control Panel: With this feature, you can expect that this is going to be user-friendly. The design of the control panel is straightforward and there is no need to have technical knowledge to make the most out of this product.
  • Has a Timer: This is one of the reasons why it is convenient. You can preset the appliance to function based on the time that you need it to cool the room. This also makes it energy-efficient. It can turn off on its own while you are at the middle of your sleep.
  • Excellent Safety Features: If you are concerned about your safety, this can be an impressive choice. It has a number of features that will ensure your safety. For instance, it has Leakage Current Detection and Interruption plug, which will effectively reduce the possibility of fire. It will also automatically restart in case of a power outage.


  • Comes with a Single Hose: This is one thing that is common amongst affordable models within the product category. The problem with this design is that it lacks efficiency. It does not drain as good as the units with dual hose.
  • Bulky: While it is portable, one of the problems with this model is its bulky body. This may not make it a good choice if you have a small room since it is going to demand a larger space.


In sum, Whynter ARC-10WB Portable Air Conditioner does not fail to impress. It is an affordable product that comes fully-packed with excellent features, making it one of the top picks for the best portable air conditioner. It has multiple operational modes that make it versatile and caster wheels that make it portable. It has a cooling efficiency that is good for up to 300 square feet. It has a simple control panel, which is why it is user-friendly.